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The EPO (or Electronic Purchase order) module is a web-based application that cooperates with Sage Evolution. It lets you submit purchase orders and expense claims very easily, with all relevant information being accessible directly from the company’s database. Workflows can be set up based on specific people (agents) or a group of people (agent groups). This way, managing requisitions will become a very easy and faultless task.

Online & Evolution


EPO is built in a user-friendly web environment
and is therefore accessible from everywhere. No
longer will you suffer from overdue orders due to
employees travelling, a purchase order system

which is only accessible from inside the office
or missing stacks of paper.

Sage Evolution

Everything is directly and seamlessly integrated
in Sage Evolution. From the initial submission of
the purchase requisition to the payment allocation
to the supplier account, EPO caters for all of it.

All steps within the process are recorded in an
extensive audit trail, which is accessible from
both EPO and Sage Evolution.


EPO will fully take over your requisition and ordering process. However, with the possibilities of EPO, it doesn’t stop
there. EPO will cater for all employee related requisitions such as expense claims or the requisition of cash advances.
By default the following modules are fully integrated in EPO:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Expense claims
  • Cash advances
  • Staff loans

Document Management System

To keep track of all important documents exchanged in your ordering process, EPO supports a fully integrated
Document Management System (‘DMS’). Documents can be attached to all requisitions and orders, and will subsequently
be available from inside Sage Evolution.


Multi-company support

Multi-company support

  • Multi-company support within one EPO system, supporting multiple Evolution companies in one online environment.
Seamless integration with Sage Evolution

Seamless integration with Sage Evolution

  • Whenever the status of a document changes, these changes are directly visible in both Sage Evolution and in the EPO web environment.
Full history of purchase orders and expense claims

Full history of purchase orders and expense claims

  • All purchase order and expense claims will be stored in the application directly, whether it gets approved or rejected. This way, you will always be able to look into old documents if you wish to.
Accessible for both domain users and Sage users

Accessible for both domain users and Sage users

  • In order to use the EPO module, not everyone has to have a Sage Evolution account. User accounts can be set up using both Sage Evolution users and domain users.
Multi-currency support

Multi-currency support

  • The EPO module supports documents in multiple currencies. You will be able to create documents with all the currencies that are active in your company’s database.
Easy access

Easy access

  • Easy acces to the entire requisition process, from the creation of a purchase order to the final approval. Anywhere, anytime. Even when you don’t have direct access to your company’s network.


The EPO module integrates with Sage Evolution seamlessly. This way, you
will be able to keep track of all your purchase orders, expense claims and
relevant documents at all times. You can, for example, at any time check the
status of an order in Sage Evolution directly as well as in the online EPO module.
If it gets approved, you will be the first to notice. Therefore, delays are minimized
and efficiency is guaranteed.

Custom workflows can be set up in Sage Evolution as well. You can even set up
different workflows for each department so requisitions are always pushed the right
way. Simply create a user group, set an approval limit and you are good to go.

Save Time

Direct access to the status of your purchase orders and
expense claims will save time for your organization.



Upon request, we can customize the module to match your organization’s needs.Just
tell us your needs, and our development team will come up with a solution.


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